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Introducing the Academic Panel

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Happy New Year to all of you.

To kick off 2014, here’s a quick briefing on our Academic Panel. The Panel will be supporting the Centre’s core team in the months and years ahead.

The Panel’s main job is quality control – we’ve picked 13 of the best UK-based researchers to help ensure our work is robust. We’ve selected a broad-based group, and individual Panel members will also be supporting specific evidence reviews, helping with user engagement and with demonstrators.

Around half the Panel is drawn from LSE, the rest from universities across the UK. We also want Panel membership to evolve as the Centre builds its work programme, so expect further additions as we roll forward.

Panel members have already been active in our work. Neil Lee and Helen Simpson, for example, have been helping us scope and plan our evidence reviews on adult skills and business support respectively, and will be quality-checking our conclusions in the weeks ahead. We’re also beginning to work with Andy Pike and Alan Harding on capacity-building and user engagement – both have masses of experience working with local authorities and LEPs. Further ahead, we also hope other Panel members will work with us designing demonstrator projects and with other engagement activities.