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Apply to join our new Evaluation Panel

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Please note, applications closed on 12.00 midday 16 October 2020.

The panel will strengthen our support for local and national policymakers

One of the most important things we do is to support local and national policymakers to evaluate their local economic growth policies. We provide advice and guidance on evaluation design and implementation, sit on steering groups, act as a critical friend and review evaluation findings.

As well as helping ensure public money is being used effectively, this also helps develop the evidence base on ‘what works’.

We are keen to increase the number of evaluation projects we can support and to be able to provide more specialised advice – for example, on a particular policy area or methodology. To help with this, we are establishing an Evaluation Panel and looking to appoint up to eight members. We’ve just launched the call for Evaluation Panel members and the purpose of this blog is to encourage suitably qualified people to apply.

What kinds of skills and expertise are we looking for?

We’re looking for people with expertise in undertaking robust impact evaluations in at least one of our policy areas and that have a track record of providing advice and support to decision-makers.

When assessing the evidence on ‘what works’, we use the Maryland Scientific Methods Scale (SMS), which ranks policy evaluations based on the robustness of the method used and the quality of its implementation. We would expect the majority of the projects that Evaluation Panel members will advise on will be SMS 3 or above and therefore candidates should have experience of undertaking evaluations at this level.

What kind of support will Evaluation Panel members be expected to provide?

Evaluation Panel members will provide advice and support to local and national policymakers on the evaluation of local economic growth policies. This will involve reviewing and commenting on evaluation plans, providing advice on specific elements of evaluation design or implementation and more generally responding to ad hoc requests for evaluation support.

What will be the time commitment?

We’re hoping Evaluation Panel members will be able to commit up to five days per year to support evaluation projects. We’ll also meet twice a year to review progress, discuss obstacles to evaluation, and identify evidence gaps.

What are the benefits of being an Evaluation Panel member?

Being a member of the Evaluation Panel will give individuals the opportunity to influence the design and delivery of local economic growth policies that impact on the lives of people, businesses and places across the UK. In addition, the Evaluation Panel gives members the opportunity to influence (and hopefully improve!) evaluation practice in this important policy area. We’ll also pay you for your time.

How do you apply?

Applications are now closed.