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Thinking through social infrastructure for local economic growth

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In recent years, partly boosted by Covid-19, local governments have increasingly considered social capital and social infrastructure policies to improve local economic performance and achieve other policy objectives.

Can social capital and social infrastructure lead to increased productivity, wages, or employment locally? What are the potential trade-offs? Are there elements that can make these policy interventions more effective?

Join us for an hour-long session sharing findings from our upcoming review of the evidence on the local economic impacts of social capital and social infrastructure and a discussion of how to think through the possible benefits.

Victoria Sutherland, Head of Evidence at What Works Growth will present our forthcoming evidence briefing. We’ll also hear from guest speakers on how they are considering social infrastructure programmes within their wider economic development work. There will be an opportunity to ask questions.


Ailbhe McNabola, Director of Policy & Communications, Power to Change

Tito Shokunbi, Business Support Specialist at Kent Business & IP Centre (BIPC)

Victoria Sutherland, Head of Evidence, What Works Centre for Local Economic Growth