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Understanding data on local economic growth – 8th & 15th July 2024

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A new two-part course for local or central government staff

There are two sessions in this course – you need to attend both:  

  • Session 1 – Mon 8th July 1-2:30pm – A short 90-minute introduction to concepts that will help you make best use of data. 
  • Session 2 – Mon 15th July 1-3:30pm – A longer 2.5 hours session on how to use data to understand GVA, productivity, and income. 

This course is a basic introduction to using data in local economic growth. This course complements our course Understanding how local economies work.  

Session 1:  

When should you look at the current position and when is change over time better? Why is data often presented on a per capita basis? How do you choose the right comparators? 

This short session will cover concepts that will help you decide what data to analyse and how to analyse it, focusing on publicly-available datasets on local economic growth topics.  

Session 2: 

How is your area performing on GVA, productivity and income? Which datasets should you use, and what can you learn from them about the performance of your local economy?   

By the end of the training, attendees will: 

  • Understand how to decide what data analysis will be most useful to them.  
  • Be able to use charts to understand GVA, productivity, and income of a local economy.  
  • Feel more confident when using and presenting data. 

Who should attend? 

  • People working within central government or within local government: local authorities, combined authorities, and LEPs. 
  • Please note: at this time, people in the private or third-sector are not eligible to attend. We may open up this course more widely at a later date. 
  • This course is aimed at people who want to build their confidence in using data to inform economic development policymaking. 
  • If you’re not attending with colleagues, we’ll buddy you up with people from similar organisations for follow-up support. 

How do I prepare? 

  • No pre-course work is needed before the first session.  

What happens once I’ve signed up?  

  • You will receive a link to join the workshop three days in advance.  
  • We will send you resources you will need for the exercises shortly before the workshop. You can access these online or print them out.  
  • If you’re worried you have not received these emails, please contact us

What happens after the workshop? 

  • We are keen to help you implement what you’ve learned. We offer support after the course to attendees including resources you can share with colleagues; and additional tailored support. 

More questions?