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We are recruiting for a new Head of Outreach

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We are recruiting for a new Head of Outreach to help develop strong working relationships between What Works Growth and local partners and communicate our work to local audiences.

The value of this work was demonstrated at a workshop we ran last month on youth unemployment and economic recovery, attended by partners from dozens of areas across the country. The event brought together evidence on what has worked in past recoveries with insights from partners about local experiences right now. We were able recognise problems and draw conclusions which wouldn’t have been identified using either the evidence or the local knowledge alone. This is a great example of the type of engagement we want our new Head of Outreach to continue.

More broadly, the Head of Outreach will deliver our offer to local partners, including training and events, evaluation support, online evidence resources and special projects. They will work closely with the rest of our small team, helping us to understand local needs and develop our offer accordingly.

One of our most important goals is to build a community of practice among economic development professionals with evidence and evaluation as a central tenet. Our Head of Outreach will have a crucial role to play in helping us achieve this goal.

I believe that such a community is starting to take shape – and I am counting on it to spread the word about the new jobs and encourage good candidates to apply!