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Introducing the User Panel

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I am very pleased to be chairing the What Works Centre for Local Economic Growth’s User Panel which met for the first time yesterday. This independent group will draw on expertise from around the country – with members taken from local authorities, Local Economic Partnerships, and professional bodies. We’ve tried to identify individuals with a strong interest in using evaluation to improve policy making. You can find details of the members here.

Our role will be to advise the WWCLEG team by:

  • Helping to establish the priorities for their work. The first policy areas they will be reviewing are business support and skills; we will help them prioritise which topics to review next;
  • Providing advice and feedback on the reporting of their findings, so that they are in a form most useful to us and other end users of the work; and
  • Acting as ‘ambassadors’ for the Centre’s work in our own organisations and around the country.

We will be meeting 3 times a year and communicating with the project team as needed to ensure that their results are not only academically robust, but helpful to those who we hope will make the best use of them.

There will be blogs coming from other members of the Panel in the near future.