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Expanding our evidence: request for evaluations

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Request for evaluations

We are currently looking to expand our existing evidence base on policies/programmes affecting local economic growth. Specifically, we want to identify local evaluations of projects undertaken by local and combined authorities in the last 10 years in the UK.

How you can help

Please send us or refer us to any impact evaluation that your organisation has done – in-house or commissioned – over the last 10 years on any of the following subjects:

  • Access to Finance and Business Advice
  • Apprenticeships and Employment Training
  • Innovation and Research & Development
  • Transport

What we are looking for

We are keen to find out about evaluations undertaken by local governments. Ideally, it would compare the effect of the beneficiaries to a control group. This can help evaluate what might have happened had the programme not been implemented.

Please do not hesitate to also send unsuccessful projects, since they can provide valuable information for future policy-making – it is a key part of understanding what works and what does not. We would really welcome seeing these evaluations, especially as we are unlikely to find these projects online.

Why help

Helping us find new evaluations will help us to better figure out what works – that will ultimately help councils and people all over the country. We intend to publish a review of what has been done within each region and policy area to help other local authorities benefit from what the evaluations have found. Particularly useful evaluations will be highlighted in our review.

We are also interested as part of this work in developing partnerships with local authorities to fund high-quality evaluations.


If your report is in the public domain then we may discuss the methodology and findings in our evidence review work. If your report is not in the public domain, please let us know when you send it to us. Any report not in the public domain will be treated as confidential and not distributed further. We will provide summary statistics on submitted reports (e.g. the number of evaluations covering specific policy areas) but any discussion will not disclose material not already in the public domain.

Get in touch

Please send or refer to us any evaluations you are aware of and do not hesitate to contact us if you need further information. Simply get in touch with Katharina Ziegler via our email: