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Genius steals – introducing our new how to evaluate case studies

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Last year, when writing for our How to Evaluate series of blog posts, I talked about the importance of copying freely from existing studies.

As I said then, one of the major problems with improving evaluation and getting it embedded in the policy design process arises because people think that evaluation is too complicated. The How to Evaluate series tried to show that it need not be a very technical exercise. But while thinking through these issues from first principles is to be strongly encouraged, we should also recognise the importance of borrowing from the approaches adopted in existing studies.

Our website has always provided a number of examples on how to do this, but today sees the start of a rollout of new and updated set of evaluation case studies that describe how people have evaluated a wide range of policies. The first two cover innovation policies and describe the evaluation of the Creative Credits pilot and the Danish Innovation Consortia programme.

Over the coming weeks we’ll be adding case studies covering a wide range of policies as well as other resources. We hope that they’re helpful and encourage great plagiarism in future (as an academic, not something I’m used to encouraging).