Latest evidence reviews

  • Broadband

    The evidence suggests broadband tends to have a positive impact on the local economy, but the effects are likely to vary across types of firms, workers and areas. Read more

  • Estate Renewal

    The evidence suggests that the impact of estate renewal programmes on employment, wages or poverty tends not to be large and is often zero. They do however lead to rises in property prices. Read more

  • Public Realm

    The evidence available suggests a possible chain of events as a result of public realm interventions which go beyond what conventional logic on the impact of public realm often assumes. Read more

  • Access to Finance

    In principle, access to finance programmes should improve growth across the local economy, but the evidence suggests that such impacts are not consistently achieved in practice. Read more

  • Sports and Culture

    Sport and culture have intrinsic value to people and places, promoting health and well-being. However, their economic impacts are limited. There are very few evaluations of cultural events. Read more

Latest blogs and events

  • How to Evaluate – what to evaluate?

    My last post dealt with the issue of the importance of defining success when thinking about how to evaluate. It might seem that answering that question also answers the question... Read more

  • How to evaluate – define success

    The core objective of the What Works Centre for Local Economic Growth is to answer the question: which policies are most effective in supporting and increasing local economic growth. The... Read more

  • How to evaluate – start early

    In their focus on delivering a good policy on time and on budget, people often don’t think about evaluation until the end of a project (if at all). They then... Read more

  • How to evaluate

    One of the greatest frustrations we have encountered in our reviews of the evidence on the impact of local growth policies has been the small number of robust evaluations from... Read more